5 Mistakes People make When Lighting A Charcoal Grill


Charcoal grill is known to provide mouth-watering meals when used for cooking. However, this pleasure can be missed altogether when you lack the right knowledge of how to start a charcoal grill and avoid the common mistakes when using this form of cooking. Your meat or steaks, hamburgers, hotdogs, pound cake or even veggies or fruits can be tasty, but when you fail to grill appropriately, you will be disappointed. Below is a list of the five mistakes people make when lighting a charcoal grill:

1. Use of the Right Type of charcoal

The real hardwood charcoal that is made from purely wood is the most suitable because its smoke imparts the necessary smoky flavor to produce delicious meals and also burns hotter. The briquettes, regardless of the pre-packaged forms it is derived from contain chemicals and fillers which do not impart any flavor and also pose risks to your health. When shopping for the charcoal to use in your grill, look for those labeled as ‘natural’.

2. Avoid using the Lighter Fluid

People like using the easiest and fastest means possible, and it’s, no exemption when it comes to grilling when lighter fluid is used to start the fire. It is also considered by some as the quickest option to restart the fire when it fizzles out. It is advisable to avoid using the lighter fluid to start the fire because it will impart undesirable flavor on your food and deny you the delectable meal you had anticipated.

3. Always consider Using a Chimney Starter

Chimney starter is a device which is cylindrical in shape and has a handle and a tiny rack where you can place the newspaper and set it alight. Chimney starters are the most efficient tool to funnel the heat and light the charcoal in your grill. Use of newspapers to light the charcoal is also the most preferred way since it does produce any harmful effect. It also requires little patience when using the chimney starter instead of lighting up the newspaper and walking away. You should wait and ensure that few charcoal pieces have lightened and the heat ripples and smoke is in the offing to conclude that your portable grill is ready for use.

4. Ensure that you have Enough Charcoal and your Plan is well Outlined 

Depending on the size of your guests and the amount of food you plan to grill, you should make sure that you have enough amount of charcoal. You can also ask those with grilling experience or the charcoal packaging store owners and attendees for advice offer. When grilling, it is always advisable to have more charcoal than less for you to enjoy fully grilled meals.

It is also advisable to spread your charcoal pieces and also wait for around ten minutes for the grill grates to heat up which effectively prevents the food from sticking to the grates. You should equally know the length of time your charcoal will burn as well as the intensity of heating or how hot the charcoal should be in the process of heating.

5. Ensure that your Grill is Always Clean

One condition that can easily be overlooked even when learning the important ways of how to start a portable charcoal grill is whether the grill is clean. Cooking with unclean grill will most likely affect the flavor of food such as leaving your meat steak with last night’s pork chops or vice versa. The meat steak outer layers might stick to the grill while getting the flavor of the previously cooked pork chops in the process. Additionally, the food might also end up acquiring harmful bacteria or germs if it was unclean for long which will provide you with the lost flavor as well as the possible stomach-ache.

It is highly advisable to always clean the grill grates before using it even if it’s wiping it again gently after cleaning it the previous day (s). Interestingly, cleaning will only take a fraction of your time.

The above mistakes will ultimately deny you from having delicious meals with your family, friends or any other guests you might be hosting, and the good thing is that they can easily be avoided. The above information is very helpful when learning the techniques of how you can actually start your first portable charcoal grill and produce delicious meals.