An Easy Fix For A Sinking Office Chair


A proper office chair is imperative to your health and a comfortable working environment. The wrong chair can cause back and neck pain because it is not positioned to support your body. One needs to adjust their office chair according to the natural way their body falls. That means having it at a specific height, having the back adjusted to the angle of your own back as well as its curve and having the headrest fit to the height of your own head.

However, what do you do when your office chair gets old and it starts to sink. Does this mean you need to buy a whole new office chair? Good quality office chairs are quite expensive, so don’t throw out that old chair just yet. There is a quick and very cheap fix for sinking chairs.

Some of the parts that you will need you may already have at home or you can pick them up at your local hardware store for around $3.00! Here’s what you will need:

  • Adjustable pipe clamp ($0.99)
  • Straight pipe fitting ($0.99)
  • Pipe insulation ($0.79)
  • Screwdriver

An office chair allows you to adjust its height by the use of a lever that activates a valve in the pneumatic piston. This valve is located in the stem of the chair and the lever controls air going in and out of it which in turn moves the chair up and down. However, the older you chair gets the more this valve will leak causing the chair to sink. Changing the piston itself is unfeasible because sometimes the piston is welded into the chair and they are difficult to open. It is also dangerous due to the spring inside of the piston. So, instead what you want to do is create your own adjustable height stop on your chair.


  1. First measure your chair’s piston so that the parts that you get are the right size.
  2. Depending on the chair, you may have to first remove its legs to expose the piston.
  3. Once that is done, slide on your pipe clamp after that you slide on the pipe fitting.
  4. To ensure that your clamp and pipe fitting do not slip you must cut two short pieces of pipe insulation foam. Slide one of the pieces under the clamp and the other under the fitting.
  5. Set your chair at the desired height and tighten the clamp until secure.

Now when you sit, your chair will not go any lower than the height of the clamp. Some people even use the insulating foam underneath their clamp to increase friction and to prevent it from slipping down. The other piece of insulation provides cushioning by preventing the pipe fitting from rubbing onto the bottom part of the chair.

To adjust the chair to a different height, simply loosen the clamp and reset it at a different height. However, this will be rarely needed if the chair will primarily be used by the same person.

This easy fix is very quick as well. It allows you to save money and save the environment all at the same time because you are makinbg use of what you already have. For a demonstration of this quick easy hack, head to YouTube where there are several tutorials on the subject.