Best Rated Over The Range Microwave


Microwave often makes a perfect partner of a ideal kitchen oven. Built in microwave or over the range microwave are perfect for those who are in need of all encompassing, modern kitchen. These microwaves has become incredibly popular since last couple of years and there are many options to choose from. So choosing the best shouldn’t be a problem, right? Well because the market is flooded with these type of microwaves and it may be little difficult to pick the right one. If you don’t feel like visiting dozens of review pages, you have come to the right place.

Let look at the best rated over the range microwave that’s available in the market.


Kenmore Elite adds convection cooking hence enable the functionality of an oven. Strategically placed fans circulate the hot air evenly allowing the food to cook quickly and evenly.

You can eliminate guesswork cooking with its sensor feature. Kenmore Elite has other sensor features including auto defrost which unfreeze, meat, veggies in minutes. In addition, it has a humidity sensor determines if the food is at appropriate temperature.

It fits most of the kitchen due to its average exterior size with an interior space of 1.8 cubic feet.

The powerful ventilation sets this microwave apart. You can have microwave vent placed horizontally or vertically to the exterior of the house.

One of the challenge with Kenmore is its installation.

With more capacity , power and features, Kenmore gives a tough completion to other OTR microwave.


Kitchen Aid is one of the largest microwave with an interior space of 2 cubic feet.

There are seven different cooking sensor buttons for specific foods, including vegetable, pizza, beverage. To keep your food warm till you serve it for your guests, you can keep the food using warm hold button to maintain specific temperature.

Vents are hidden so it does not obstacle the overall look of the microwave.

Ideal to place over a stove with its size- 30 inches wide and 17 inches tall.

Interior has a cook shield finish so no chemicals required to clean the interior.

With various customizable controls and 10 year magnetron warranty, you feel completely confident in the reliability of this microwave.

The only downside of this model is its high price.


Check out this model if you are looking for ambitious cooking and not really worried about space and the compatibility.

Venting system is incredibly quiet and flawless. It uses charcoal filter to lessen the smell.

Glass like control panel is easy to clean and is designed to save energy.

The sensor cooking set time automatically for food like, chicken nuggets , mac and cheese.

Although its not a flashiest OTR microwave oven, its price tag is one of the drawback and is on a higher side compared to other ovens in the same range.


Considered as mid sized with 1.6 cubic capacity but don’t go by its size. It has plenty of nice operations for its price and is a quiet operating appliance.

Auto sensing selections including, popcorn, beverages, potato, defrost, optional reheat, quick time setting are all at your fingertip.

Auto start hood fan is sure to remove, smoke, steam and odors effortlessly.

The most egregious shortcoming is its lack of cooking sensor which mean you have to rely on trail and error.

Frigidaire model is a good deal with its additional feature like charcoal filter, two stage work surface lighting, body and cavity heat sensor, kitchen timer, add 30 seconds button completes this package.


Unlike other traditional microwaves, this OTR microwave oven comes with convectional cooking so you can roast, bake and broil.

With its double cooking racks and sufficient space, you don’t have to heat up your oven and your kitchen to bake some cookies or roast a chicken.

The sensor and the automatic features comes handy to defrost frozen meat or vegetables.

The ventilation hood has dual setting cooktop light that illuminated stove top as well as a night light.

Its simple and clean design make it a attractive kitchen appliance. Buttons are flat and easy to clean and does not overwhelm the keypad.

One drawback of GE profile is – it does not have delay start feature.

Its relatively expensive compared to other microwave oven range with its limited features.

There are tons of information available for you to do your homework. Buying a microwave is an investment and its a powerful device. So while choosing your microwave, consider all the aspects including, price, ease of use, power, convenience and safety.