Effective Procedures to Clean and Maintain Automatic Coffee Cleaner


Automatic coffee maker is a convenient kitchen appliance that provides sweet and fresh cup of coffee. It is the best coffee maker but due to the high level of moisture it emits during the brewing of coffee, it can harbor some dirt and even mold which makes the coffee taste bitter and even become a health risk. Many people always think about cleaning a variety of utensils in the kitchen but do not give any regard to cleaning the coffee maker.

Coffee makers need to be deep cleaned like once every month to remove greases and ensure the coffee maker remains clean and hygienic. It is important to wash the removable parts after every use in order to remove oils, grinds and many other impurities that can lower the taste of your coffee. This will ensure you get the best benefits from the best coffee maker. There are a variety of methods to use clean an automatic coffee maker which leaves it clean and sparkling. These methods include:

Using White Vinegar

White vinegar is the best agent to use in cleaning a variety of household utensils including glasses, enamels, and surfaces. It is also used to remove stains in certain fabrics. White vinegar is very effective in cleaning automatic coffee maker because it enhances removal of sediments and helps to eliminate all the built-up dirt in the coffee maker. It makes it dirt free and clean without posing any health risk or compromising the taste of coffee. The procedure is very simple,

– Mix vinegar with water and pour the solution into your coffee maker and ensure the solution fills the reservoir.

– Allow the coffee machine to run and turn off the machine once the pot is about half full with the filtered vinegar.

– Let the coffee maker rest for an hour to give time for the vinegar to remove any dirt or mold.

– Fill the pot with clean water and run a complete brew cycle to rinse it and remove any extra dirt.

– Wipe the machine dry with a clean rug and you will have a clean and the best coffee maker.

Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is another effective cleaner which can be used on a number of household products and utensils. It is used to clean automatic coffee cleaner and will help to come up with the best coffee maker that brews tasty coffee. The following procedure is applicable:

– Mix water with baking soda and pour it into the coffee pot to the brim. It is advisable to use warm water for the baking soda to dissolve evenly

– Allow the solution to brew in the normal way just like coffee.

– After the brew is complete, leave it for some time and run clean water through the coffee maker to rinse it.

– Wipe it with a dry rug to ensure it dries up completely and to remove any mildew.

– This process can be done every week to make the coffee maker clean.

Cleaning the Coffee Maker with Bleach

Although bleach is known to remove stains on every surface, it is not highly recommended to be used to clean coffee maker. It can easily corrode or melt some elements in the machine if used excessively. Some precautions should, therefore, be adhered to when using bleach. It is advisable to use a few tablespoons of bleach and dilute with water and will be safe for your coffee maker. To maintain functionality of your best coffee maker, never use straight bleach inside the coffee maker.

Cleaning Using Commercial Products

There are a variety of commercial products which can be used to clean automatic coffee maker. Despite the fact that these chemicals may not be safe for human consumption, there are other cleaning products which are perfectly safe for humans incase residue is left behind. Precaution should, however, be taken when cleaning your best coffee maker with commercial products.

Get Rid of Mildew

As water sits in the automatic coffee maker, the machine is prone to mildew and molds. To get rid of this, it is advisable to always leave the top of the coffee maker to allow air get into the chambers. This will help dry up the machine. After use, always use paper towel to run it along inside of the chambers to remove water and leave the machine dry and get rid of mold or mildew.

On top of ensuring your best coffee maker is clean all the time, it is also important to replace your automatic coffee cleaner at least once a year to eliminate any possibility of developing molds and ensure you enjoy the best coffee always.