The Ninja Coffee Brewer CF020 Review


Coffee is considered essential to many; some people would literally turn into zombies without it. Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but in general, some people use it to wake-up, some people use it to stay awake and some people just like the taste. The Ninja Coffee Brewer CF020 is one of the newest advancements in coffee machines and has been gaining popularity. The brewer is $139 and has some new fun features that we have not seen before.

The model is a bit wider than traditional coffee brewing machines at 10.5 inches wide, 11.65 inches deep and 15 inches tall. The size of it is to accommodate for the controls, water reservoir, the filter, carafe, and heating tray. However, despite its size, it still fits under a standard cabinet.

The brewer is easy to set up and easy to use. It comes with a removable reservoir with measurement sizes on it indicating how much water to fill depending on how much coffee you would like to make. It allows you to brew coffee to fill as small as 9.5 ounces, which is a single cup of coffee. The other measurements include 14 ounces for a travel mug and 19 ounces for a full carafe. The machine uses the Auto-iQ system to brew exactly the right amount of coffee for the cup side without the pod.

Another handy feature is the drip stop feature. Suppose your coffee cup is not the standard size, you can stop the coffee drip whenever you need to so that you have the right amount to fill your cup. The brew basket is removable and therefore easy to clean and the machine comes with a coffee scoop to measure out your coffee for the specific coffee size you are making. However, this measurement system brews very strong coffee so keep that in mind.

You can also choose between classic brewed coffee, rich brew and over-ice brew. However, the machine has a problem with consistency, sometimes the classic brew came out like flavored water and sometimes it was dark, the rich brew was generally darker and stronger but it still brewed inconsistency, so you never quite know what you will get.

This model brews coffee quite quickly, which means you can get your morning coffee faster. In general, a full carafe would take 7 minutes and 23 seconds to fill all the way up, while the half carafe took 4 minutes and 53 seconds. While brew quality was inconsistent, the temperature of the finished product was not as it brews at 158 degrees Fahrenheit, which is just under the recommended 160 but never too hot when you take the first sip.

The thoughtful, intuitive machine comes with a one-year warranty, but the unit on average lasts about five years. Other similar coffee machines allow you to make a pot of coffee or an espresso like the De’Longhi BC0330T or a pot and a travel mug like the Hamilton 2-Way Brewer, but no other coffee brewer has the variety of sizes that the Ninja offers.

In conclusion, the Ninja Coffee Brewer provides a variety of coffee sizes and an easy on/off drip feature but it is inconsistent. Should you give it a try? That depends on the type of coffee you want and if serving sizes matter to you. At its $139 price point, it is reasonable for what it does. So, if you are looking for a brewer that provides a single cup of coffee at a time without using a pod then the Ninja is a perfect option.