Selection of The Finest Portable Air Conditioner


During summers, everyone looks for a way to cool up the room quickly and at times one may not have ample space for the window. One can then use the air conditioner or the air coolers to help in beating up the heat during the summers. The working of the air conditioner is opposite to that of the air cooler as it condenses the water vapor from the air into an individual water bucket.

The air cooler leaves the condensed moisture in the air, which may, in turn, cause health problems. In this article, we will examine the steps to take when choosing the finest portable air conditioner.

One of the steps to follow in the selection of the finest portable air conditioner is defining the area that you want to cool. In this one determines the size of the area you need to be cooled so as to select the portable air conditioner to use. For instance, one may choose the Ac units, which is for cooling down a large area, for example, an entire building.

The second thing in the selection of the portable air condition is determining the cooling power needed. Knowing the power needed you will be able to choose the best air conditioner, as they are in different BTUs ratings. The air-conditioner with the highest BTU is the more potent. For instance, a room which is about 400 square feet may require a portable air conditioner of about 15000 BTUS while that which is 150 sq ft may need an air conditioner ranging from m 7000 to 10000BTUS.

When choosing the portable air conditioner one also needs to examine the surrounding climate. For instance, the portable air conditioner for the arid areas may be different from that of the semi-arid areas. In the arid areas, the best portable air conditioner should have a span of more than 20 degree Celsius, which help ion saving the electricity expenses by reducing wastage.

When one is purchasing a portable air conditioner, one also needs to find an auto-evaporative system. The most incredible portable air conditioners should have the auto-evaporative system, which will aid in collecting the moisture that has been condensed. The auto-evaporative systems then recycle this moisture hence having a proficient cooling system.To choose the finest portable air conditioner one also needs to pay keen attention to required venting. The portable air conditioners must be vented out of the window, wall or the drop ceiling.

Therefore, it is vital to go through the installation directives for the vent, for instance, the directions may insist on venting the portable air conditioner on a particular type of window. As such, you should make sure that the window matches what is in the kit.One should also be keen on the decibels of the portable air conditioner as they determine the level of noise.

Though most new air conditioners are quiet, one should be keen on the decibel ratings, the higher the rating, the louder the portable air conditioner is. Therefore if you intend to use the air conditioner in areas where you need minimal silence such as the study room or bedroom one may go for the air conditioners with low decibel ratings.

When selecting the portable air conditioner one also needs to look at the energy efficiency ratio. The portable air conditioner with low energy efficiency ratio has high operating cost. Therefore, for low operating cost, one should go for the one with high EER though they are a bit costly. To know the ratings one may have them listed and if not listed you can divide the BTU by the wattage.

When purchasing the portable air conditioner, one may also look at the price. Many times people walk from one shop to another in search of the cheapest air conditioner. In purchasing the air conditioner, you should not only go for the price as the finest air conditioner should not be the cheapest or the expensive one but rather you should check the product reviews.

Briefly, the portable air conditioner may be better to install than the air cooler because of its ability to reduce humidity in the air reducing health problems. However, one must be keen in various aspects while selecting it. The elements include the EER ratings, decibels, venting, and auto-evaporative system among others.